Saturday, October 30, 2010

fabulous weekend

Morning sessio
Went out wif Casey, Yeunis, and KZ. Even juz a short period, bt I enjoy the single second wif them.
I like to outgoing wif frens. Go One U again...

Evening session
Second round went out wif housemates, May and Chun. Be the "bulb" again. lol
I m hapi for this day as i can try the super delicious foods in one day which are Honeymoon and Snowflake... We cam-whore all the days... Ok nw wan show off wif my photo..*wink*

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Nice movie day

I like tis 2 movies much......
U guys muz go and watch it and laugh together like insane ppl

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

spend my 10/10/2010 day wif love

Again spend my day at time Square wif chun and May...
OMG Again having our dinner, the same thing which is Johnny's
Order most economic meal set which only cost RM 8.90
We shopping there and I m still the same that lost in control of mind and hand.... still buy that lot of stuff..
Happy when i become a shopaholic...*wink*

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Desire to have a novel 8 OCT 2010

Why i suddenly hav the desire to own few novel? Actually i also don knw...wakakakaa
Its maybe i love the novel cover?
To kill my boring time ?
To learn and improve my English from the novel?
Dont knw.... hmmmm..
Let u all see the novel cover, u all will like on it, i suppose...

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Coco Banana again 7/10/2010

look alike is it?

Make the decision in the sudden to go clubing... hav fun again wif new clubbing member, my housemates, Jun, LiangZhuang and also a new fren, Chun and Liang Zhuang clasmate, Hi Ya...
We decide to to go MOS as our name ady in the MOS guess list and the guy can get the free entrance before 11.30pm
When we arrive there, the time ady been 11.20pm, it still can said that we all still hav the chance to get the free entrance for the guys bt due to the late of Chun fren, Jie... we hav to change another club which is Euro Star....
This is my first time to see such a club juz hav few cats very weird that the beer gal there told me that Thurs is not the ladies night there bt Weds... those with students wil get the free entrance onli after we showed our student cards there, we get into it... Inside there, there is totally no fun there even don hav ppl to dance on the dance then again we decide to change the another club which is get bac to
As we, female's entrance is free, so we go in first to look around the club .... to sad to said that there are a lot of malay there... we all refuse to go there..
AGAIN, we change Coco Banana at last thought it will be a boring night again as we got an experience there for our first time....
It was reli a surprise for we all as the party condition is very high there and there are a lot of ppl there , not the same if compare to our first been there....
From there, i met 2 guys ...

The European guy, he was very handsome and i totally bewitch to him ady.....
he dance wif me meanwhile we were chit chat a bit there...
He was 20 and he is working OMG he doesn't look like 20 years old onli..he look mature and he is huge for me ..wakakaka

The Chinese handsome guy, he can be said that he is my dream boy ... he is very tall and and i get shock that he hold my hand and pull me to his place bt at last i also release my hand is quite happy to let a handsome guy to hold my hand like it much
Finally the time reach 3 am and there is the end time for us to party in insane and crazy condition.. There a all ppl vomit disgust things on the floor, look at it when finding our way out of the club , that is reli nauseous....
Then, we go Asian cafe for our supper...
that's all for my Thursday night..enjoy it much

Monday, October 4, 2010

Good phrase for me

This is her, my forever besties, Yeong

Kam Cheah Yeong: 不要总把自已看得太低,要想念自已有足够的能力去应付所遇到的问题,你比你自已想像的要更优秀,更成功,更有能力,更富有创造力.

Thz yeong for this phase and write it for me.... Promise u i will do better even will fight for my muaksssssssss
U also hav to promise me that u also have fight for ur future .....don let any obstacles to beat u down in ur life....Stay strong....

steamboat day 2/10/2010

Liang Zhuang and Chun

Me and May are having the Johnny's Thai steamboat

as that day woke up so late and then we decide having our brunch at Jusco....Actually we wan celebrate Liang Zhuang and kai birthday one, bt all is Louis Ong fault... overnight at his gf fren house, we force to cancel the plan as he also as one of the main character in this celebration...
Liang Zhuang birhday- 2 OCT 2010
Louis Ong birthday- 30 SEPT 2010
The plan is cancel, nvm we will plan for another day....*wink*

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Miss+ Sad+ Alone 3/10/2010

Seyon and me

While listen to the song of "Yesterday Once More" by carpenters, i was looking bac the pics that we took when I was in Diploma at Penang.....I miss the moment when we are together...
i miss Collin, Seyon, Jason,Daryl, Samantha, Corrine and Shelby badly.....
Yeong- miss the time hang out, gossip and ur laugh sound ady long time spin around my ear
Collin- miss the time we sleep, chit chat, study on the sofa, eat, shopping and trying the new clothes and dress in the fitting room and our cam whore time
I cry finally....
Cry for the miss, sad, loneliness
My TEAR cant stop and all the memories are spin around my brain...

Cute Marsupial ♥

DAMNNNNN cute....i wan it it is too costly ady lol
Who is willing to buy it for me ?
Is there a Good Samaritan for buying this for me?

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Kenny Rogers 28/9/2010

First time having my meal at there wif KZ and pls don laugh at me as my first time to it......and I order the black pepper sauce of quarter chicken wif side dishes of mashed potato, coleslaw and fruit salad....Yummy!!!!! And is sad to be said that i forgot to take my dinner Juz a pic tat i took that night is the hard stone muffin lol... first time eat that hard muffin even cant chew it

Friday, October 1, 2010