Friday, July 16, 2010

Happy college life


First, i m so glad to study in B2 in TARC... Glad to knw all my classmates and course mates here.......

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Emo week

U make me emo all the week... sad, frustrated, totally down ... haiz.. So, i jus let myself be busy all the time and do all kind of stuff juz to make my brain out of ur images.... *SIGH* btw, juz wan to loud out that
i need u here....

Need u Here to cheer me up
Need u Here to share the sadness
Need u Here to care of me
Everything need u here..... Hope u can by my side from nw on....

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Curve @ Ikea

chun and the blogger

me Chun and Kai

♥ tis restaurant so much

OMG the huge Avatar juz beside me

Me and May
Outing wif my housemates and my KL fren again ... enjoy the day very much...... Juz can say it without u , Chun, Kai, and Zhuang May as well... my life at KL is a dull life ... and sure everyday squat at the window corner there juz wait for someone to chat wif me and also hav fun wif me .....

Every time i go out wif they all, sure whole journey r my cam whore process....
I m a cam whore queen ... hehe *wink*

Monday, July 5, 2010

WonDerful DiploMa ConVocatioN & Gathering

We finally graduate.... yeah~~~~~

Seyon hOOI Imm and Me

Ming Collin Kaylin (me)


Happy FAmily photo

Wau!!!!! FINALLY i graduated from Diploma (Mass Communication- Public Relation). Feeling- On cloud nine.... wahaahahha... i reli cant believe that i had cover tis stage ...suddenLy i feel that hapi and sad too.. *sigh* HAPPY- is bcoz i m finally graduated and will meet up my penang fren soon yeah~~~ SAD- is after tis convo we all will separate each other to continue our study or their work ady ....
i gonna to miss u all especially my besties Seyon and Jason Kit

Tis is the pic captured when we gather at gurney Taiwan restaurant ....although i m angry when u leave me alone at KL , bt i m gonna miss u more and appreciate u when u r not beside me .... Yeong.. u r my besties forever ... i love u muaks. Sheng hope u all the best ya in everything..... miss u
Next, i m proudly to show my convo pic here... Well there r a lots of pic bt i juz upload here for a few pieces onli....