Monday, June 28, 2010

while waiting the food serve in

cam whore all the time


lov Tis pic so much

me and Chun, housemate

Me and lovely sis, Nicole

Me and Juin Kai, naughty housemate

BBQ Plaza
May, Collin and Nicole

me and my bestie, Collin Ong
19/6/2010 is a good good day as we can all go out and shopping at Sunway pyramid and time Square and have fun together...appreciate that moment...Thx my bestie Collin and my lovely sis Nicole cum to KL and tat moment reli reduce my feeling of loneliness.. as well as my fren May, Hoi Min and my housemate Chun and Juin Kai.. so hapi together wif u all .. always crazy together.... we go time square and sunway .. OMG spend a lot when go out wif u all. haiz ... bt it is worth tat we can be together for 1 weeks.. within one weeks.. we ady take more than 800 pieces of photos.. bravo ya

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Blogger- Kaylin

in lift
Hoi Min, me and Chun
Me and May (cutie)

16/6/2010 was a nice KL "trip" ya hahhaha... bcause we r lost .... Actually our destination is Wangsa Walk from Ikea one... bt i m not sure whether the driver is too concentrate to listen wat we gal chat or wat , m cute driver straight away drive to Kuantan and diret to Genting Highland... OMG..Bt we still enjoy the moment when we shop at IkEA... haha.. We ate hotdog bread and ice- cream ... i never eat such delicious and "soft" ice- cream .... slurppppp :) these all are the pic tat we take when we having our dinner at IKEA.....

Saturday, June 12, 2010

S@y Hi

OOps... Forget to tell u all tat i m the new bird in the blogspot... hehe... I will post all my stuff in my blog no matter happy or sad.. Let me briefly introduce myselF...I m Kaylin, 20 years old, cum from Kedah and currently at KL study Advanced Diploma at KTARC. This is mine... hahahha..Hope my life everything will go on smooth and wish me be happy and healthy always.... Also wish to make more fren, so do not hesitate to make fren wif me ya * wink *

LoneLy WeEkeNds

Well well well... alone again for this weekends. I think i will slowly used to it as i have to be continue alone for 3 months more... Be tough girl. There will be a good good journey at KL if my best fren Collin Ong is beside me. miss her badly nw. This is my best fren... A kiss for her to make her tough in her life... Collin Ong, don let the stupid stuff to beat u down, tat juz a small obstacles in ur life. BTW.. be tough gal and there stil a long journey for u to proceed ya... love u ya