Saturday, January 22, 2011

sista day 13/1/2011

At Madam Kwan Restaurant

Papa John Pizza

Top Man (testing the gay style clothes)

SAn Fransisco Coffee
Feeling great when get know my sis, Ting wanna come KL and and have a series of shopping plan wif ...wohooo...Shopping plan start lu~~~~~~~
The tired thing wanna to do on the first day she reach KL is gonna fetch her at B. jalil by LRT.. Anyways thz to tat yellow fella for accompany me fetch my sis...hahaha
OMFG, It is been long time we haven't meet witf each other... And I miss her a lot....
When we reach there and it is easy to searching her... she looks damn huge and impossible that cannot found her... OMG wat the hell she eat ? eat till that huge size...hahahaha
Let u all see the my sis before and after pic...Hope that she r nt realize about my post here wahahaha..Or else she sure will sumbat me dalam toilet bowl hahaha...
Throughtout his 4 days, we went KLCC, Timesquare, SUngei wang, Farenheit mall and Pavillion....
We had our fun time wif my fen too , Alvin, KZ, Erica and Kah chun
Here is she..

Saturday, January 15, 2011

蕭敬騰 Jam Hsiao-Tong Hua (童话) [HD] Mr.Rock Live In Malaysia-18/12/2010

Me and Irene
Me and Ling Ling (usher partner)

Again my concert work (ursher)...hahha ...
.I thought i will be more excited coz I m going for Jam Hsiao concert.... But the answer is no.... Reason ? Don knw also..hahah...
BUT it the time we APR1 work together ..have fun together actually ...
I love to mix and crazy wif my frenz very much...
Get excited a bit bcoz i had seen few local artist here and also can hear Jam Hsiao songs..
most impressive parts are the 王妃 and 童话。。。 love it much

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Food Poisoning

This is my bad day again for me !!!!
FOOD POISONING AGAIN!!! I hate it much.. It make me suffer...
Some more when I m sick, I m not at my own house bt at Casey and KZ house... lol Feel embarrassing when feel sick and show the pale face over there...LOL
Anyways thz to KZ as he take care of me during my sick day..
haha Am I too heavy while u bear me? haha.. I knw u sure say me heavy like a cow one right ?
Reli thz to u ... hahaha
Thz to Casey and Casey's fren too.. *don knw his name haha*
Sorry to u all if I bring any inconvenience to u all...

HTC Wildfire

Oh~~~~~~ Finally i bought my phone- HTC Wildfire...wohoo haha.....
Actually at first, i don knw which phone I m gonna to buy.... But recently i keep see that fella playing his HTC HD2 .. and its quite fun and look at its function , it reli attract me a lot . Hence i decide to buy the affordable, one of the HTC phone which is HTC Wildfire which very popular on the track AND I get it at last ... haha
Finally , i get a phone which can online thru wifi...hapi ... Next time i can online in the class when the boring class hits me...haha

IP man

WOW its the time to party... Feel so happy coz I can hang up again wif college frenz again... Hope still hav the chance to hang up...
Love the time we been together but feel weird too...
why i cant be crazy like before when I m Outing wif fren?
I feel like i m the one who always N? i don knw why ?
Juz feel thru my sixth sense...
I always be the quiet gal there.
Juz feel scare and close there.
SCare when i say sth or play over, they will angry on me ... OMG i reli scare it.... Anyways i will try to overcome this.... surely

Anyways have a fun night wif u all too muaksssssssssss