Sunday, September 19, 2010

Folie and unplanned trip ♥


Half way to Genting (temple name forgot ady )

Before we went to Genting

Steamboat at Cameron

me and LiLi

Zhen Kai, Ming Ming and me

is flower, not feather brush that we use to clean the dust one

Fried Ice cream

Cameron Apple

Potato ring before it fry (not that delicious)
First, we are actually plan to go Cameron only. But then we found nth to do there except buy the strawberry stuff, see the flowers, corns and so on. We found sth special at there.... Before we go Cameron, we 3 waiting Miss Ming Ming at Ipoh...Meanwhile, we go Perak Cave temple...
Our trip schedule:
  1. Ipoh, Perak Cave temple
  2. Cameron Highland
  3. Genting Highland
  4. Kuala Selangor
  5. Petaling Jaya
  6. Butterworth
  7. and finally Jitra (hometown)
HMMMMP......Why we all will go genting since our plan is juz go to Cameron????
When we reached there, we found nth to do there and finally we wasted our RM 200 for the hotel room...
3am first out first day trip we woke up and drive to Genting.... on the way going Genting, me and ming ming keep sleeping in the car while LiLi and Zhen Kai awake along the journey... hehehe..Paiseh wif they both....
As i mentin in the order post for my blog, I AM CAM WHORE QUEEN ... sure taking a lot of pics along our trip.....*wink*

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