Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Penang again 0916

Fren forever

At Nando's


take pic in the fitting room again *wink*

Queensbay mall

Nicole, darling sis

At Pragin mall (having lunch)

me and Collin

clinic cafe


sis and me
Going penang again to meet all my besties especially Collin Ong ... hav fun all the time during that 3 days...
AGAIN we went to FOREVER 21,Queensbay, testing our favorite dress there bt in the end we also din buy anything from there .
Sis and me spend a lot there....We buy a lot...HAPPY
17/9/2010 is my first day wear the eye lens....OMG it look a lot of different when i wear it...
When we were first day there, Daryl Lim is our first guest there.. we went to Clinic cafe, Gurney
The next two i end up wif my shopping day wif my sis and Collin, and last day is reserve for my Diploma classmates, Seyon Kam, Jason Kit and Eilynn Tan....Enjoy the gathering time at OXO restaurant... Gonna miss them much...
Bt so sad is, Nicole and Daryl cant attend....

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